Natural elegance. Linoleum.

Linoleum – used for kitchen fronts – is a perfect example of how environmental thinking, aesthetic demands and highly practical aspects can come together optimally in one product. Linoleum is a pure, natural product, made from locally sourced materials, most of which are even rapidly renewable – linseed oil, resins, wood flour, limestone flour and natural colour pigments. The result is naturally elegant kitchen fronts. Warm to the touch, stylish matt finish, excellent fingerprint resistance and very easy to clean.


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Linoleum Vielfalt

The kitchen for the whole family

What are family kitchens? As the name suggests, these are kitchens in which adults live with their children, multi-generational households or even patchwork families. Due to their usage patterns, they are subject to special planning demands and requirements that should be taken into account during planning. Family kitchens are living kitchens and multifunctional rooms at the same time. They place the needs of family life in the foreground and thus contribute to the well-being of the whole family with their planning character.

Küchenauswahl: EDDA / ADINA

Important aspects here are above all a large amount of space, freedom of movement and maximum use of storage space. In addition to an easy-care and robust surface, ergonomics and safety also play an important role. When planning such a multifunctional room, it is advisable to include all family members and take their needs into account.
Mothers like to have their playing toddlers in view while cooking. Cleverly planned sight lines, sufficient space for playing and also suitable storage space for all play utensils are ideal here. Sufficient work surface and space for homework or home office are another important component of the family kitchen. Likewise, storage space, easily accessible pull-outs and cleverly used storage space in corner cupboards make absolute sense.
Colourful accents go down well with children and, in combination with a warm wooden surface, ensure cosiness and comfortable living. Recommended for families with small children are laminate fronts with matt surfaces that are insensitive to scratches and cuts. Their easy-care, heat-resistant and very durable properties are ideal for young families and provide long-lasting pleasure.

When planning a family kitchen, it is advisable to take sufficient time. A detailed needs analysis and the respective requirements of the family members should definitely be included in the purchase decision. Also take into account that needs can change over the years and may need to be reconsidered.

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Sachsenküchen receives quality label
“Furniture Made in Germany”

Kitchen furniture is more in demand than ever. Consumers are increasingly investing in their homes and are consciously placing value on furniture being made in Germany. We have been meeting these requirements since our company was founded in 1908, and now we have also been certified with the “Furniture Made in Germany” label.
The criteria are extremely demanding and stand for a high quality standard. The label was presented by Mr. Jan Kurth (left), Managing Director of the Association of the German Furniture Industry (VDM) to our CEO Mr. Elko Beeg (right).

Überreichung der Urkunde

The geographical origin mark serves as a recognised and reliable orientation aid for consumers at home and abroad when choosing new furniture. The strict criteria for the label were set by the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Labelling – RAL. The prerequisite for the award of the label is that the construction, assembly and quality testing take place in Germany. The new quality label “Furniture Made in Germany” was developed and introduced by the VDM together with RAL. The Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel (DGM) monitors compliance with the criteria on behalf of the VDM.

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Curious about something new?

The new pull-out system – quality, stability and variety perfectly characterise the features of our box system. From January 2022, the already used box frame with its closed high side walls will now be standard. It underlines the timeless, technical-functional design and clearly enhances the cabinet interior design. Practical, high-quality and even more storage space in a modern look.
In addition to the closed side frames, you still have the choice of beautiful tinted glass sides or the tried-and-tested wooden frames.


We have also upgraded our shelves to match the new look of the closed side panels – the purist, closed design with ample space is versatile and promises absolute value inside the wardrobe too. Different shelf versions with matching accessories offer absolute individuality in the use of storage space with their closed side panels. The consistent colour scheme charmingly rounds off the high quality of this system and ensures visual tranquillity and technical sophistication down to the last detail.

Tandem Solo


Country living

Featuring two highly functional monoliths with integrated shelves along with extra-deep base units with the central sink, this modern country kitchen is truly an object of desire. The combination of premium matte lacquer and real oak veneer ensures a premium, elegant look.

Landpartie Küche


Landpartie Insel


Landpartie Hochschränke

Perfect harmony.

This is a well-designed gem. Vibrant wood look and loftstyle shelving are the cornerstones of the well thoughtout living concept in this kitchen. In the centre: the kitchen unit which runs around the corner and leads into a lounge area in a unique style. Closed units with black glass fronts allow you to store away your items in style, while the open shelving in the kitchen is the perfect way to display your porcelain and decorative items and enjoy convenient access.

Individual pieces of furniture lighten the concept and create deliberate breaks in the continuity. With high-quality integrated fittings, this is an elegant living concept. A true experience down to the finest detail.

Object of desire.

Unexpectedly surprising and exceedingly tasteful, this is a fusion of subtlety and perfection, dark wood and warm stone optics, to create a modern composition. An
exciting contrast of solid materials and exquisite straight lines.

A real beauty! Every detail was considered here: cosy, architecturally challenging, functional, modern, practical, beautiful, homely, premium, modern, warm. An exquisite kitchen for connoisseurs.

Light, please!

A kitchen needs the right lighting concept to become an atmospheric, unique living space. Recessed lighting based on modern LED technology and a variety of operating concepts bring completely new possibilities to lighting design. A sophisticated balance of mood and working light underlines the design and colour scheme of the kitchen. Like a beautiful symphony.


The LIFE lighting concept
Modern LEDs are at the heart of our lighting range, as they have a long service life and are extremely efficient. With their low installation depth and heat generation, they can
be optimally integrated into furniture. With a uniform 24 V plug system, there is no chance of any incompatible combinations of transformers and lights. This also provides a high degree of flexibility through additional functions that can be added to at any time.

Nowadays, there is more to light than just turning it on and off. Whether it’s mood light or working light, bright or dark, warm or cold, you can achieve all of this using the radio/dimming controller, which is simply plugged in between the transformer and the light. The various radio remote controls allow you to switch, dim and adjust the colour temperature of individual or multiple lights at once.

Dining culture. A beautiful setting for those with a sense of style.

Exceptional order for exquisite things. Modern dining culture needs a flexible sense of creativity, as there are infinite types of beautiful tableware, delicate glassware and exquisite decorative objects. This is why we have come up with lots of nice ideas for the perfect storage space for you. The corner cabinet not only makes skilful use of space, but is designed for storing crockery and glassware. Regardless of the fittings, the dimensions of the corner cabinets can also be flexibly adapted.

Cleaned dishes sorted immediately. The moisture is collected in a removable tray at the bottom.

For heavy stacks of plates, we alternatively recommend a pull-outs with anti-slip matting.

Welcome home!

The kitchen becomes a living room. A WOW experience of platinum-grey oak and brown antique natural stone. Both atmospheric and chic, innovative function, this extraordinary composition combines exquisite design, warmly illuminated shelving and intelligent storage space. Based around a new architectural concept, the long counter, which joins the centred work block, is a strikingly modernist way of dividing up the room. With a kitchen like this, there’s almost no need for a living room.