A winning combination of kitchen and bar.

The reduced shelves free up additional work space, e.g. for headroom for coffee machines.

Kitchens with wooden fronts and/or worktops exude a special feeling and sense of cosiness that everybody is looking for right now. Natural linseed oil gives our fronts a high-quality satin finish and protects the surface against external influences. A special benefit: care and aftercare can be carried out quickly and conveniently, even by nonprofessionals. All it takes is regular thin application using a cloth, and the colour and appearance are beautifully preserved.

Our sustainable natural oil comes from the linseeds of the flax plant. This is a particularly “green” plant, as it is almost 100% utilised. Thanks to its natural ingredients, the care oil product we use is not only food safe, but also meets all the criteria of the European Toys Directive.