Dining culture. A beautiful setting for those with a sense of style.

Exceptional order for exquisite things. Modern dining culture needs a flexible sense of creativity, as there are infinite types of beautiful tableware, delicate glassware and exquisite decorative objects. This is why we have come up with lots of nice ideas for the perfect storage space for you. The corner cabinet not only makes skilful use of space, but is designed for storing crockery and glassware. Regardless of the fittings, the dimensions of the corner cabinets can also be flexibly adapted.

Cleaned dishes sorted immediately. The moisture is collected in a removable tray at the bottom.

For heavy stacks of plates, we alternatively recommend a pull-outs with anti-slip matting.

A place for food. Beautiful on the outside, delicious on the inside!

Our apothecary cabinets make a big impression with maximum clarity and access from both sides. This clever pull-out is suitable for all tall cabinets and base units as well as for carcase widths of 300, 400 and 450 mm. This model, of course, features soft opening and closing as standard. The shelves can be freely positioned, so differently sized stacks of goods can be conveniently arranged. The removable and optionally available storage box set in clear white enables goods that are often needed together to be pre-arranged. With a load capacity of 16 kg per shelf and optional electric opening support, the apothecary cabinet is particularly good for dry storage.

With its height-adjustable shelves and operability from both sides, the storage cupboard system meets every organisational demand. With clear views of the contents and a range of containers, the goods practically organise themselves.

One way or another: among the many variants of our base units, you are sure to find your perfect model and lots more storage space in the kitchen. Smoothly gliding pull-outs with soft opening and closing as standard for much more kitchen enjoyment.

Offering maximum comfort and an incredible array of possibilities, these storage cabinets are real all-rounders. The height-adjustable shelves and multifunctional containers are excellent helpers and organisational stars. For spices, bottles or large knives, for example. Just the way you want it.

Looking for something? Not here. Multi-dimensional and beautiful order and overview.

The Tandem can! The storage cabinet based on the refrigerator principle. What’s stored away twice as well behind the door can be opened in a jiffy and with twice the clarity. With a load capacity of 10 kg per shelf and 4 kg per door shelf, it is perfectly equipped for kitchen life. The shelves are drawn forward with soft opening and adapt to your demands with customisable height.

The Tandem side shelf offers highly customisable types of usage with height-adjustable shelves. Based on the simple principle: more storage space is always good and the door is perfect for this extra. In addition to the load capacity of 4 kg per shelf already mentioned, the Tandem side is suitable for all tall cabinet heights and a body width of 600 mm.

Let’s stick together. With its piggyback system, the Tandem solo moves all the shelves forward at the same time. Flowing motion sequences are guaranteed despite the connecting parts, while the hinges ensure pleasant soft closing. With a load capacity of 16 kg per shelf, the Tandem solo can move even heavy items and bottles safely to the front of the cabinet.

As great as it is simple: the iMove brings hard-to-reach items to the front of the cabinet and to the right level for you in a snap. Minimal effort and elegant movement, the rail is lowered using the ergonomically shaped handle. The smooth snapping into place signals that it is securely locked in the end position. With a load capacity of 8 kg and suitable for carcase widths of 600 mm, it is a real star as well as beneficial to your health.

Pull-outs. Modern havens.

What’s your preference?
Tinted glass sides or a mix with warm wood? You decide the function, appearance and size of the pull-outs, enabling you to put your own touch on your Sachsenküchen kitchen. Whatever you’re passionate about, both versions are really quite something and have a load capacity of up to 70 kg. Here, large stacks of plates find a tasteful, safe home, with kitchen utensils at home in the front row. The elegant wooden accessories are the icing on the cake for the drawer and pull-out. A modern frame design for a holistic, attractive look. And special widths are also possible!

No handles – a quick tap is all it takes. With this pull-out, you can make use of the full height and store your upright dry storage without any squashing or pressing. The smoked glass inserts offer a full view, like a quick search function, you could say.

The perfect service centre.
The same box system, but a different look. Behind doors with 155° hinges, the entire width of the cabinet can be put to good use for the inner pull-out. The modern stainless steel look for functional and spacious pull-outs is a stylish and eye-catching feature in the kitchen. Almost too good-looking to keep hidden behind closed doors.

There are lots of clever intricate details to discover. The box frame with its modern design matches the cool look and prevents items from falling out to the side. Dividing elements in stylish metal make a statement and allow individually arranged space for storage. There is lots good taste in the box.

Did you think it just belonged in the kitchen? A sophisticated and elegant pull-out such as this, with comfort closing, also fits perfectly into your living room design. Our full-extension pull-outs are also available for all cabinet widths.

And another of the many variants of our pull-outs. Optimal access for bottles, without any toppling over or clattering. And in the inner drawer above, there is also space for corkscrews and bottle openers. The optional plastic carrier opens both the inner drawer and the front pull-out at once in a single motion.

Clever kitchen aids. Our natural talents.

A tasteful solution! Things that look delicious sometimes lose their flavour and consistency quicker than expected. This is annoying and really doesn’t need to be the case! Food pull-outs are designed to solve this very problem. Hygienic, easy to clean, practical, beautifully designed and even removable. Fresh delight in the bottom cabinet with two pull-outs. This is possible thanks to the inner pull-outs and pantry box all in one. The special closure system prevents bread and rolls from drying out and keeps vegetables fresh for longer. For 600-mm-wide pull-outs, including wooden and plastic grating, removable carry box and glass lid.

A quick cup of coffee or a sandwich on the go? Or do you need some extra space for baking or chopping vegetables? This great little idea is not just for single people. The practical pull-out table is a magical solution for small or large kitchens. A single pull and it’s ready to go, and it can be stowed away just as quickly. More space for you to use without sacrificing any space in your kitchen.

Electrical appliances often spoil the look of your kitchen, take up a lot of space and get in the way of cleaning. This collapsible all-purpose slicer with infinitely customisable width lowers the front for a flat workspace while open and then disappears out of sight once its work is done.

Baking trays and grills are perfectly stored away and kept within easy reach for when they’re next needed. Our smallest unit is a real organisational star.

Towel rail & cleaning agents are a practical duo. They are also on hand to be of great help while stored away in the smallest space. The 3D adjustment of the front is child’s play and doesn’t require any tools, ensuring optimal front panel alignment. Soft opening and closing included.

Also indispensable solo! The double towel rail needs very little space and disappears back into the cabinet quickly and silently after use.

Spices right beside the cooker, clean and close at hand – what every passionate chef needs.

Inner values. Establishing order!

Do it your way!
It’s all about a holistic approach. When it comes to kitchen planning, we focus on consistency in the colour concept, harmoniously arranged storage space, exquisite fittings, and soft and easy opening with a great deal of design freedom.

What looks so harmonious on the outside also needs to look good on the inside. The onyx grey shelves ensure that the seamless elegance and consistent style are continued inside the cabinet. By the way: Sachsenküchen has the perfect storage solution for the base unit, wall unit, tall unit or corner unit in our extensive range. Delightfully different.

Ordnung 4

One box system, many design opportunities. Whether it’s steel, glass or wood, our drawers meet every possible requirement. With a load capacity of up to 70 kg, a cabinet depth of up to 705 mm and exceptional operating characteristics, these practical drawers are real everyday heroes.

Ordnung 11

Ordnung 10

Drawers. A perfect part of the system!

Ordnung 12

Matt-black wood brings a modern touch to the cutlery tray, which can be divided into various sections.

Spacious! This is how a modern organiser should look. Everything clear, ample space, beautiful appearance. Individual modules for subdivision of all box space bring a sense of order to the drawer. As well as the segment insert, knife blocks, foil holders or spice rack modules are used.


Translucent or onyx-coloured with non-slip textile finish: the robust plastic inserts build on the overall look. With prefabricated inserts for widths of 300 to 1,200 mm and depths of 300 to 650 mm, there is ample space for a large amount of cutlery.

The oak-veneered interior, in four different sizes, is perfect for storing further utensils. The frame design can be continued in the drawer on request.

Ordnung 6


Ordnung 13

Tidiness? Versatility!
The rich diversity of our cutlery inserts and pull-outs is virtually never ending and immense fun. And not limited by a preset grid system. You could say, limitless. The luxury wood containers are true organising talents and not only in a pull-out. Alternatively, flexible plastic frames provide the necessary support.


Ordnung 3

Ordnung 14

Cookware & kitchen appliances. At your fingertips!

LeMans! A racing legend and also a winner for us. The swivel base has an unmistakably sporty design. And with good reason. The unique curve design offers a remarkable amount of space for pots and pans, while the technology guarantees optimal swivel to the front of the cabinet.

The LeMans brings even full shelves forward with a perfectly synchronised rotating, swivelling motion. With a lad capacity of 25 kg per shelf, it can master even heavy pots. Minimal effort, high functionality, maximum comfort. The swivel and height of both shelves can be adjusted individually, allowing space for tall, heavy pots. You can’t make more ingenious use of a corner than this. The LeMans is also available with four shelves for tall cabinets and for cabinet types with doors of 450, 500 and 600 mm width.

Get your pots and pans in pole position!

Storage space utilisation down to the last corner. The semi-circular carousel shelf makes this possible. The semi-circular carousel shelves, which can be moved independently of one another, prevent tiresome searching in confined spaces, offering clear visibility of the items stored. 25 kg load capacity per shelf, suitable for cabinet types with doors of 450, 500 or 600 mm width. Champagne-coloured fittings complete the stylish look.

Cleverly used! The three-quarter carousel shelf in the corner cabinet. Minimum effort, height-adjustable shelves, quick access and soft closing in the smallest of spaces. What more could you need? The front disappears inside when the cabinet is opened. With customisable closing speed.

Opening systems. Open to new ideas!

Door hinges
Doors are opened and closed thousands of times in the course of a long kitchen life. We know no compromises when it comes to this! With damping integrated as standard, three-dimensional adjustment for optimal alignment and an all-metal design, the door hinges are impressive throughout. Various hinge variants with specific opening angles for different purposes enable optimum access and the best-possible use of storage space. This means that full-width inner drawers can be installed behind doors with 155° hinges without the need for any visually or functionally disturbing mounting rails.

A special highlight for our glass cabinets: integrated in carcase shelves and concealed by the door frame – keeping all fittings concealed enhances the look of glass cabinets.

Flap fittings
The best ingredients for freedom of planning and movement in the kitchen are smooth opening and closing of flaps and doors, convenient assembly and adjustment, and a long lifespan.

Well concealed
A special highlight is our “integrated flap fitting” for glass frames. The fitting disappears elegantly into the side of the carcase beneath the colour-coordinated covers without any loss of storage space.

One box system – many options
It’s amazing how diverse box systems can be and what can be achieved with a visual fine-tuning of the “inner values” of a kitchen. Ergonomically planned, elegantly designed, perfect function and ample planning freedom – this is what our beautiful drawers and pull-outs offer. Naturally, with a full-extension pull-out and soft self-closing as standard, available in 9 widths, 4 depths and 5 designs, with a load capacity of up to 70 kg and even more design accessories, including inside organisation.

Make a statement – shutter cabinets
Functionally and visually attractive, the shutter cabinet stores important everyday utensils, keeping them close at hand for when you need them. Shutter designs in frosted and smoked glass, a stainless steel optics, and black and titanium enable modern statements that can make every much-loved kitchen sparkle.

Modern sliding doors hit the right mark with smooth, soft motion and minimal space requirements for opening. Cosy and spacious, sliding door elements blend in harmoniously or colourfully not just in kitchens, but in entire living areas.

Handleless opening
Handleless kitchens are an essential part of modern planning. Our mechanical and electrical opening systems offer the right solution for every cabinet type. A gentle tap on the front is all it takes to open the cabinets.

Light sensor enables truly handleless opening.

Opening systems
Smooth motion, intuitive operation and high load capacity – these are some of the impressive features of our electrical and mechanical opening systems for doors, flaps and drawers.

Handle systems
Handles are available in various shapes and colours and are one of the most important design elements in the kitchen. Whether it’s conventional bow handles or knobs mounted on the front, modern handle bars at the top or bottom of the front, recessed handles integrated into the front or universal bar handles – all variants play an important role in appearance and practicality.

Handleless kitchen planning through the use of horizontal or vertical recessed grips supports the elegant, purist character of the kitchen and clearly highlights the appearance of the fronts. The recessed grips are available in black, white, stainless steel look and coloured paint.

(Our) masters were at work here.

The standard body consists of 16-mm multi-layer chipboard with concealed suspension adjustment fitting, including safety catch. The 5-mm thick MDF back panel is folded and screwed in, the outer edges are sealed and the bottom beam is suitable for 3-mm holes.

If you want a little more: Wood-core plywood body. The three-layer structure of the board material and the parallel pre-glued spruce/fir wood elements, with the intricate thin chip decks running transversely, are a guarantee of exceptional dimensional stability and higher screw pull-out resistance. The 3.5-fold bending strength, and a high surface stability, combined with a 10% reduction in weight, make this a truly top-class product. With no sacrifices in terms of appearance and perfect with modern decorative papers. For further information please refer to www.sachsenkuechen.de

Lights on!

Light is the number one mood maker. The right lighting concept uses skillful details and is a master of cosiness. The use of modern LED technology enables personalised light planning options. Getting the right balance of mood and work lighting adds to the makeup of your kitchen architecture in expressive, distinctive ways.