The kitchen for the whole family

What are family kitchens? As the name suggests, these are kitchens in which adults live with their children, multi-generational households or even patchwork families. Due to their usage patterns, they are subject to special planning demands and requirements that should be taken into account during planning. Family kitchens are living kitchens and multifunctional rooms at the same time. They place the needs of family life in the foreground and thus contribute to the well-being of the whole family with their planning character.

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Important aspects here are above all a large amount of space, freedom of movement and maximum use of storage space. In addition to an easy-care and robust surface, ergonomics and safety also play an important role. When planning such a multifunctional room, it is advisable to include all family members and take their needs into account.
Mothers like to have their playing toddlers in view while cooking. Cleverly planned sight lines, sufficient space for playing and also suitable storage space for all play utensils are ideal here. Sufficient work surface and space for homework or home office are another important component of the family kitchen. Likewise, storage space, easily accessible pull-outs and cleverly used storage space in corner cupboards make absolute sense.
Colourful accents go down well with children and, in combination with a warm wooden surface, ensure cosiness and comfortable living. Recommended for families with small children are laminate fronts with matt surfaces that are insensitive to scratches and cuts. Their easy-care, heat-resistant and very durable properties are ideal for young families and provide long-lasting pleasure.

When planning a family kitchen, it is advisable to take sufficient time. A detailed needs analysis and the respective requirements of the family members should definitely be included in the purchase decision. Also take into account that needs can change over the years and may need to be reconsidered.

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