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Worktops. Beautiful everyday heroes.

Laminate worktops
A worktop is the solid basis for a well-planned kitchen. Our traditional laminate worktop brings positive moods to the kitchen with its robust laminate surface and lots of wonderful styles. It is also very low maintenance, thus providing the perfect basis for day-to-day kitchen work.

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Composite worktops
The enhanced version of our classic is extra good, extra slim to integrate and highly impact-resistant. The non-swelling functional layer between laminate and chipboard enables modern, flush installations of sink and hob. The composite worktop is available in selected decors.

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Compact worktops
Our compact worktops are extremely durable and dimensionally stable, as their core consists of numerous melamine layers pressed together under very high pressure. The extremely durable top layers are finished off by chamfered, polished edges. Also, by dispensing with swelling material, there are practically no limits for the installation of sinks and hobs.


Nanotech everywhere. It may sound like the future, but it’s already here. The ultra-modern, intelligent material can do practically anything: no fingerprints, high resistance to scratches, abrasion, heat, acidic cleaning agents, antibacterial and easy-care. If a micro-scratch occurs, it can be repaired. We don’t need to talk about design, as this is clear all by itself. Using the same visual and haptic material in the front and in the worktop opens up new design possibilities.

The special anti-fingerprint wonder FENIX not only brings a breath of fresh air and
delightful creations to the kitchen, it also meets all the criteria for a fast-paced life
beyond your own four walls – easy to clean, attractive, time-saving maintenance,

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Installation options
The flush installation of hobs and sinks is part of a purist look in modern kitchens. Besides the design decision, there are also some very practical benefits. Thanks to the
seamless transition of the worktop, residue and other traces of dirt can simply be wiped away.

However, as flush installation is only available with waterresistant board materials, the classic frame design is available as an alternative. The hob and sink are finished off with a surrounding frame supported by the worktop. Current models can make a strong impression in this variant with particularly flat transitions.

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