Clever kitchen aids. Our natural talents.

A tasteful solution! Things that look delicious sometimes lose their flavour and consistency quicker than expected. This is annoying and really doesn’t need to be the case! Food pull-outs are designed to solve this very problem. Hygienic, easy to clean, practical, beautifully designed and even removable. Fresh delight in the bottom cabinet with two pull-outs. This is possible thanks to the inner pull-outs and pantry box all in one. The special closure system prevents bread and rolls from drying out and keeps vegetables fresh for longer. For 600-mm-wide pull-outs, including wooden and plastic grating, removable carry box and glass lid.

A quick cup of coffee or a sandwich on the go? Or do you need some extra space for baking or chopping vegetables? This great little idea is not just for single people. The practical pull-out table is a magical solution for small or large kitchens. A single pull and it’s ready to go, and it can be stowed away just as quickly. More space for you to use without sacrificing any space in your kitchen.

Electrical appliances often spoil the look of your kitchen, take up a lot of space and get in the way of cleaning. This collapsible all-purpose slicer with infinitely customisable width lowers the front for a flat workspace while open and then disappears out of sight once its work is done.

Baking trays and grills are perfectly stored away and kept within easy reach for when they’re next needed. Our smallest unit is a real organisational star.

Towel rail & cleaning agents are a practical duo. They are also on hand to be of great help while stored away in the smallest space. The 3D adjustment of the front is child’s play and doesn’t require any tools, ensuring optimal front panel alignment. Soft opening and closing included.

Also indispensable solo! The double towel rail needs very little space and disappears back into the cabinet quickly and silently after use.

Spices right beside the cooker, clean and close at hand – what every passionate chef needs.

Rena: Holiday in the kitchen!

Holiday in the kitchen! A very special place for living, cooking, chilling and laughing in Verde comodoro! Fresh and inspiring with profiled fronts in a modern, rustic style. A bright wood look and stainless steel round off this gem. Bring summer into your home. A real delight.

Everything you need.

A really good choice, because exceptional quality does not come straight off the shelf, but is the emotional product of desire and demand. A successful contrast of matt black fronts and a bright oak look, this kitchen is a modern, contemporary oasis.

The slender pendant light hanging centrally over the kitchen block emphasises the spacious design and provides atmospheric feel-good lighting for living and cooking. Glass fronts with concealed fittings and high-quality door fittings on the island skilfully complete the visual bridge to the living area, presenting an aesthetically and architecturally harmonious overall concept of sophisticated planning.

Your health is important to us! Our OZONOS air purifier helps prevent kitchen odours. It makes use of the benefits of natural ozone, and as well as providing fresh, clean air, it also protects against viruses and bacteria. Easy to install, even in existing kitchens, and a discrete alternative to a conventional extractor hood.

Worktops. Beautiful everyday heroes.

Laminate worktops
A worktop is the solid basis for a well-planned kitchen. Our traditional laminate worktop brings positive moods to the kitchen with its robust laminate surface and lots of wonderful styles. It is also very low maintenance, thus providing the perfect basis for day-to-day kitchen work.

Arbeitsplatten 4

Composite worktops
The enhanced version of our classic is extra good, extra slim to integrate and highly impact-resistant. The non-swelling functional layer between laminate and chipboard enables modern, flush installations of sink and hob. The composite worktop is available in selected decors.

Arbeitsplatten 1

Compact worktops
Our compact worktops are extremely durable and dimensionally stable, as their core consists of numerous melamine layers pressed together under very high pressure. The extremely durable top layers are finished off by chamfered, polished edges. Also, by dispensing with swelling material, there are practically no limits for the installation of sinks and hobs.


Nanotech everywhere. It may sound like the future, but it’s already here. The ultra-modern, intelligent material can do practically anything: no fingerprints, high resistance to scratches, abrasion, heat, acidic cleaning agents, antibacterial and easy-care. If a micro-scratch occurs, it can be repaired. We don’t need to talk about design, as this is clear all by itself. Using the same visual and haptic material in the front and in the worktop opens up new design possibilities.

The special anti-fingerprint wonder FENIX not only brings a breath of fresh air and
delightful creations to the kitchen, it also meets all the criteria for a fast-paced life
beyond your own four walls – easy to clean, attractive, time-saving maintenance,

Arbeitsplatten 3

Installation options
The flush installation of hobs and sinks is part of a purist look in modern kitchens. Besides the design decision, there are also some very practical benefits. Thanks to the
seamless transition of the worktop, residue and other traces of dirt can simply be wiped away.

However, as flush installation is only available with waterresistant board materials, the classic frame design is available as an alternative. The hob and sink are finished off with a surrounding frame supported by the worktop. Current models can make a strong impression in this variant with particularly flat transitions.

Arbeitsplatten 2

Cookware & kitchen appliances. At your fingertips!

LeMans! A racing legend and also a winner for us. The swivel base has an unmistakably sporty design. And with good reason. The unique curve design offers a remarkable amount of space for pots and pans, while the technology guarantees optimal swivel to the front of the cabinet.

The LeMans brings even full shelves forward with a perfectly synchronised rotating, swivelling motion. With a lad capacity of 25 kg per shelf, it can master even heavy pots. Minimal effort, high functionality, maximum comfort. The swivel and height of both shelves can be adjusted individually, allowing space for tall, heavy pots. You can’t make more ingenious use of a corner than this. The LeMans is also available with four shelves for tall cabinets and for cabinet types with doors of 450, 500 and 600 mm width.

Get your pots and pans in pole position!

Storage space utilisation down to the last corner. The semi-circular carousel shelf makes this possible. The semi-circular carousel shelves, which can be moved independently of one another, prevent tiresome searching in confined spaces, offering clear visibility of the items stored. 25 kg load capacity per shelf, suitable for cabinet types with doors of 450, 500 or 600 mm width. Champagne-coloured fittings complete the stylish look.

Cleverly used! The three-quarter carousel shelf in the corner cabinet. Minimum effort, height-adjustable shelves, quick access and soft closing in the smallest of spaces. What more could you need? The front disappears inside when the cabinet is opened. With customisable closing speed.

Furniture fronts. Love at first sight.

Lots of variety.
Materials and surfaces are a matter of taste. At Sachsenküchen, you will therefore find a comprehensive range of the most beautiful variants. From the country house to the townhouse. From plastic and lacquers to wood and ston


Material 3

Material 2




Ergonomics. The new lifestyle movement.

Moving and working at the optimum height is good for us, and it’s important that we do so in the right way. Lifting and stretching in the wrong way and long periods of sitting can cause back pain and quickly lead to fatigue. This is a problem that we no longer have to put up with. With our extensive range of products and precise selection of plinth and base cabinet heights as well as worktop thicknesses, it’s easy to find the optimum height in next to no time. Even our standard range includes 37 different working heights from 792 to 1,040 mm. Thanks to precisely measured special heights in the carcase section, there are virtually no restrictions to finding the perfect dimensions for a fully personalised comfort zone.

When cooking with family and friends, static working heights are often a problem. We quickly reach our ergonomic limits. The optimum interaction of posture and elbow height when working in the kitchen cannot be achieved with standard heights and quickly results in poor posture and back pain. Various height-adjustable systems allow you to plan a kitchen ergonomically and with such flexibility that even people of very different heights can work together in a shared kitchen with ease.

The baselift is an electrically adjustable kitchen unit that guarantees optimum working height as an island solution or wall unit with an adjustment range of 100 mm, with virtually no limitations in planning variety thanks to the individual drive units. The plinth lift system raises the working height by up to 200 mm at the touch of a button, taking it into the user’s individual comfort zone, for heights of 1.6 to 2 metres. The robust steel frame construction of the lift system is available in two standard sizes (2,000 x 895 mm and 4,000 x 895 mm) and is also available in individual sizes on request.

There are many benefits to installing an oven or dishwasher at eye level. As well as having back-friendly access, there are also new planning alternatives. Warming drawers are useful additions that would be annoying if positioned near the floor. The space freed up under the sink or hob can also be used for drawers, for example, so you can keep other important items within easy reach.

Ergonomics does not end in the kitchen. It is also important to have good, back friendly posture in the utility room. In the case of washing machines and dryers, for example, the raised position is particularly beneficial, making loading and unloading the appliances practical and convenient.

The innovative iMove wall unit drawer brings pleasant, comfortable ergonomics to your storage. With an elegant motion sequence, your stored goods slide down in
front of the cabinet. Exceptional design, practical use.

A kitchen that adds a modern touch to living and cooking.

It’s all about the details! The colourcoordinated sink and the tap round off the overall image perfectly. The monolith with its beautiful mix of wood and ceramic materials makes this space a meeting hub. From chats over cups of coffee to late-night drinks.

Neuzeit 1


A look made for modern living. The back wall with a shelf leads charmingly around the corner. This is both decorative and practical. Matt grey fronts present a light look and highlight the futuristically slender, dark ceramic worktops in basalt silk. This popular colour serves as a consistent feature, also drawing the eye to shelves and details. Wood brings warmth and cosiness to the room and blends in wonderfully with the living area.

No compromises!

Individual holistic solutions are based on numerous well-selected details, materials, surfaces and colours, which come together to produce a special feeling of well-being. Decors play a key role in harmonising spatial structures. This is why we also pay special attention to our veneer fronts. Surfaces are sand-blasted as part of a special process, giving them a deeply luxurious quality with a lush look and feel.


Structural change must be identified before it can be built. This calls for a keen eye for modern needs. Open floor plans, in which people can cook, live, sleep, work or play, satisfy the desire for increased personal interaction and generous living space planning.

Kompromisse 2

Kompromisse 1


Using sophisticated technologies, such as low-noise extractor hoods, ample space for quiet havens and elegantly arranged storage space can be ensured despite the open room structures. The cabinets with their beautiful decor are not exclusively part of the kitchen, but also have to fit in well into the living area. This is a visible part of conceptual thinking and modern living. Warm textures and lighting harmonise the individual aspects of the personal space requirements.

Kompromisse 3

Modern lifestyle and individual complete solutions guarantee happy customers. To ensure that rooms work in a harmonious symbiosis, aesthetically and functionally, different areas need to be formed with a clear character and matching ideas. Whether it’s cooking, lifestyle or entertainment, every cabinet and every shelf is part of a perfect final product. Room dividers to ensure a harmonious appearance include charming lounge sofas and illuminated ladder shelves to showcase beautiful decorations, make space for works of literature or make flat screens appear almost like works of art. High-quality, innovative hinges, integrated practically invisibly in furniture, round off the holistic plan and show today the things that will be important tomorrow.

Kompromisse 5

Clear lines, modern style, great comfort.

A modern statement in stylish, glossy white combined with cool concrete grey. This confident kitchen is the master of visual breaks and takes up very little space. The small oakveneered dining table is a practical, stylish place for two.

Klare Linien 1

Cosy shelving give the room clear structures and decorative storage space. The glass laminate of the décor, which resembles real glass but is much easier to clean and less prone to becoming dirty, is a real highlight.