A loft kitchen that rocks.

Silver-grey wild oak, vibrant marble in warm grey-brown tones combined with a compact stainless steel worktop: this generously sized kitchen is all about masterful,
inviting, warm purism and the highest standards of design and functionality.

Höchste Ansprüche

The dominant marble monolith is the centrepiece of this room. Finely tuned materials and modern technology come together in warm shades to create a harmonious triad. The most beautiful place to entertain.

Höchste Ansprüche 2

Refined innovation.

Innovation means being able to think around the corner in this case. The free-standing cooking unit is a modern eye-catcher with generous worktop space and brings a sense of lightness to the plan. Framed by vividly grained wood, slender low boards, individual pieces of furniture with further storage space and decorative shelving, this has all the features needed for urban interior design.

Feinsinnige Innovation

Profile view, very slender. This makes a really strong impression. The ultra-slender cooking unit has even got neatly arranged drawers situated directly beneath the cooking top. The brackets of the illuminated wall shelves are built into a niche and are practically invisible. Profile lights on the side ensure a clear view of the cabinet and also create a cosy look.

Pure joy!

This generously planned kitchen exudes a masterful sense of balance. An exciting dialogue of soft colours. Granitegrey and sand-coloured fronts combined with rustic, light oak are examples of how different materials offering flattering warmth are used to complement one another. The wooden frame set into the back wall with its discreet,
dimmable lighting is a functional and cosy standout feature and offers ample space for all types of work.

Freude 2

With its invisible base, the kitchen block appears to float in the air and forms the centre point of life in the kitchen.

Freude 1

HyperFocal: 0

What a statement! You can twist and turn it any way you like. This kitchen concept looks fantastic from every angle. Symmetry, well-presented surfaces, user convenience, purism and cosiness all in one. Urban style with serious charisma.

Home is not a place, it’s a feeling.

Dialogue: colour brings panache and personality to your kitchen. The warm red tone combined with the light oak has a welcoming, intimate impact. A beautiful place of happiness and enjoyment.


Ergonomically beautiful!

Individual, spacious and full of surprises, these cabinets neatly display your special and everyday items behind their doors and even through their doors in the adjoining
utility room. This will keep your kitchen neat and tidy at all times. This is a well planned design backed up with premium materials. Knotty, chalk-white oak with matt white bring a cosy feel to the kitchen.

Our health is in motion. The right approach to kitchen life needs the right working height. This is made possible by our ERGOmatic system, which we stylishly developed in cooperation with LINAK.

Whether it’s an island or a wall unit, several electric motors gently move kitchen cabinets and worktops with weights of up to 720 kg, enabling different working heights silently and smoothly. The touch panel which is integrated into the worktop helps with this, shifting to the infinitely adjustable or pre-defined position on touch. This enables many different optimal working heights, so everyone can find the perfect height for them in an instant. In this way, a great kitchen becomes a great kitchen for everyone. Easy to install, lots of freedom in planning, multi-functional. Little effort, big impact.

Linear and consistent.

Tone in tone can look so exciting and chic. This creates the successful mix of various materials and surfaces that calls the tune in this kitchen. A modern mix, understated and very Italian. The linear fronts feature exquisite oak and highlight the distinctive grain.

Moderner Mix

The opulent, brown marble produces a warm, vibrant sense of suspense, expertly captured by the purist lines and kitchen elements. This is all about exclusivity and spaciousness. The matt laminate worktop in a marble style and the integrated appliances look highly professional. A perfect place for culinary experiences and
intimate get-togethers.

The kitchen island.

Sometimes different is better, and this also goes for our kitchen island. The reinterpretation of the ancient concept of the hearth in the centre of the room is perhaps one reason why many people look for an island unit. We have taken this desire further and have placed the entire kitchen in the centre of the room, because today it is much more than just a “hearth”. It’s a place of socialising, joy and a place of well-being.

Creating a symbiosis of kitchen and living space is not just a question of colours, shapes and materials. It is also about lots of important details. Our new practically
invisible flap door fittings with a glass frame turn a basic cabinet into a functional treasure chest. Its contents reflect your passions and needs and are as individual as life itself.

White fronts made from matt glass laminate highlight the clear, contemporary style of this kitchen. The wall cabinet with glass frame doors and a stainless steel look is untarnished by the fitting integrated into the side. An undisturbed image of architectural subtlety.


A place to live! Whether it’s a quick breakfast at the slender bar counter or an intimate get-together in the dining corner, a cosy atmosphere is guaranteed. Tall cupboardsand wall units give the different living areas a distinct, yet harmonious character.

A taste of the country!

This is a positive way to live life. Our modern interpretation of a country-style kitchen is reflected in rustic fronts made from warm oak, with recessed grips in the frame profile. The kitchen block, sideboard, cooking element and matching pendant lighting are a warm expression of holistic well-being.


Tania Riva: Pure natural power!

Pure natural power! Exquisite Venetian oak brilliantly combined with natural stone as a worktop. High-gloss fronts in onyx grey go with the high-gloss polished natural stone top on the monolithic island unit. The accentuated joints make the solid block appear slimmer, turning it into an almost floating body.

Living elements bring individuality and different perspectives to kitchen life. The integrated back wall matches the alignment of the shelf and has a discreet appearance. The built-in appliances almost become part of this aesthetic frame.