Kuechen Insel Intro

The kitchen island.

Sometimes different is better, and this also goes for our kitchen island. The reinterpretation of the ancient concept of the hearth in the centre of the room is perhaps one reason why many people look for an island unit. We have taken this desire further and have placed the entire kitchen in the centre of the room, because today it is much more than just a “hearth”. It’s a place of socialising, joy and a place of well-being.

Creating a symbiosis of kitchen and living space is not just a question of colours, shapes and materials. It is also about lots of important details. Our new practically
invisible flap door fittings with a glass frame turn a basic cabinet into a functional treasure chest. Its contents reflect your passions and needs and are as individual as life itself.

White fronts made from matt glass laminate highlight the clear, contemporary style of this kitchen. The wall cabinet with glass frame doors and a stainless steel look is untarnished by the fitting integrated into the side. An undisturbed image of architectural subtlety.

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