Nature: the perfect place for inspiration.

This clearly designed kitchen is built around a feeling of liberating minimalism.
Premium, platinum-white oak combined with warm solid oak for tables and worktops along with the practical organisation system boxes for the smooth drawers present an inviting Nordic-style holiday flair. Solo items like the matching cabinet in mirrored colours provide well-planned, homely impressions in a consistent style.

This Nordic beauty is the ideal place to take a breath. The rustic dining combination is cosy and inviting. Illuminated shelves for books and decorative items bring an intimate flair to the kitchen. The kitchen counter in the centre is a wonderful meeting point for a quick coffee on your feet. It unites the kitchen and living areas in an extremely charming and elegant way.

Niches. Smart and chic.

Rear walls
The backsplashes of yesteryear are out, and modern back panels in a range of great styles, colours and materials are in. Lots of modern design scope and practical benefits for highly individual and clever niche systems.

Modular: panel walls
Simple assembly and lots of planning variants are some of the features of our modular panel wall system. Whether it’s a work niche or an entire wall, charming wood or a lacquered surface, the panel wall system is adapted perfectly to your style. The diverse range of accessories are installed without the need for any tools and give the wall a striking look.

Understated and practical:
the profile strip blends harmoniously into the overall niche design and also provides optimum support for the wide range of accessories. Various types of movable shelves and functional elements allow you to arrange important items exactly where you want them.