Perfect harmony.

This is a well-designed gem. Vibrant wood look and loftstyle shelving are the cornerstones of the well thoughtout living concept in this kitchen. In the centre: the kitchen unit which runs around the corner and leads into a lounge area in a unique style. Closed units with black glass fronts allow you to store away your items in style, while the open shelving in the kitchen is the perfect way to display your porcelain and decorative items and enjoy convenient access.

Individual pieces of furniture lighten the concept and create deliberate breaks in the continuity. With high-quality integrated fittings, this is an elegant living concept. A true experience down to the finest detail.

Object of desire.

Unexpectedly surprising and exceedingly tasteful, this is a fusion of subtlety and perfection, dark wood and warm stone optics, to create a modern composition. An
exciting contrast of solid materials and exquisite straight lines.

A real beauty! Every detail was considered here: cosy, architecturally challenging, functional, modern, practical, beautiful, homely, premium, modern, warm. An exquisite kitchen for connoisseurs.

Light, please!

A kitchen needs the right lighting concept to become an atmospheric, unique living space. Recessed lighting based on modern LED technology and a variety of operating concepts bring completely new possibilities to lighting design. A sophisticated balance of mood and working light underlines the design and colour scheme of the kitchen. Like a beautiful symphony.


The LIFE lighting concept
Modern LEDs are at the heart of our lighting range, as they have a long service life and are extremely efficient. With their low installation depth and heat generation, they can
be optimally integrated into furniture. With a uniform 24 V plug system, there is no chance of any incompatible combinations of transformers and lights. This also provides a high degree of flexibility through additional functions that can be added to at any time.

Nowadays, there is more to light than just turning it on and off. Whether it’s mood light or working light, bright or dark, warm or cold, you can achieve all of this using the radio/dimming controller, which is simply plugged in between the transformer and the light. The various radio remote controls allow you to switch, dim and adjust the colour temperature of individual or multiple lights at once.

Dining culture. A beautiful setting for those with a sense of style.

Exceptional order for exquisite things. Modern dining culture needs a flexible sense of creativity, as there are infinite types of beautiful tableware, delicate glassware and exquisite decorative objects. This is why we have come up with lots of nice ideas for the perfect storage space for you. The corner cabinet not only makes skilful use of space, but is designed for storing crockery and glassware. Regardless of the fittings, the dimensions of the corner cabinets can also be flexibly adapted.

Cleaned dishes sorted immediately. The moisture is collected in a removable tray at the bottom.

For heavy stacks of plates, we alternatively recommend a pull-outs with anti-slip matting.

Welcome home!

The kitchen becomes a living room. A WOW experience of platinum-grey oak and brown antique natural stone. Both atmospheric and chic, innovative function, this extraordinary composition combines exquisite design, warmly illuminated shelving and intelligent storage space. Based around a new architectural concept, the long counter, which joins the centred work block, is a strikingly modernist way of dividing up the room. With a kitchen like this, there’s almost no need for a living room.

A place for food. Beautiful on the outside, delicious on the inside!

Our apothecary cabinets make a big impression with maximum clarity and access from both sides. This clever pull-out is suitable for all tall cabinets and base units as well as for carcase widths of 300, 400 and 450 mm. This model, of course, features soft opening and closing as standard. The shelves can be freely positioned, so differently sized stacks of goods can be conveniently arranged. The removable and optionally available storage box set in clear white enables goods that are often needed together to be pre-arranged. With a load capacity of 16 kg per shelf and optional electric opening support, the apothecary cabinet is particularly good for dry storage.

With its height-adjustable shelves and operability from both sides, the storage cupboard system meets every organisational demand. With clear views of the contents and a range of containers, the goods practically organise themselves.

One way or another: among the many variants of our base units, you are sure to find your perfect model and lots more storage space in the kitchen. Smoothly gliding pull-outs with soft opening and closing as standard for much more kitchen enjoyment.

Offering maximum comfort and an incredible array of possibilities, these storage cabinets are real all-rounders. The height-adjustable shelves and multifunctional containers are excellent helpers and organisational stars. For spices, bottles or large knives, for example. Just the way you want it.

Looking for something? Not here. Multi-dimensional and beautiful order and overview.

The Tandem can! The storage cabinet based on the refrigerator principle. What’s stored away twice as well behind the door can be opened in a jiffy and with twice the clarity. With a load capacity of 10 kg per shelf and 4 kg per door shelf, it is perfectly equipped for kitchen life. The shelves are drawn forward with soft opening and adapt to your demands with customisable height.

The Tandem side shelf offers highly customisable types of usage with height-adjustable shelves. Based on the simple principle: more storage space is always good and the door is perfect for this extra. In addition to the load capacity of 4 kg per shelf already mentioned, the Tandem side is suitable for all tall cabinet heights and a body width of 600 mm.

Let’s stick together. With its piggyback system, the Tandem solo moves all the shelves forward at the same time. Flowing motion sequences are guaranteed despite the connecting parts, while the hinges ensure pleasant soft closing. With a load capacity of 16 kg per shelf, the Tandem solo can move even heavy items and bottles safely to the front of the cabinet.

As great as it is simple: the iMove brings hard-to-reach items to the front of the cabinet and to the right level for you in a snap. Minimal effort and elegant movement, the rail is lowered using the ergonomically shaped handle. The smooth snapping into place signals that it is securely locked in the end position. With a load capacity of 8 kg and suitable for carcase widths of 600 mm, it is a real star as well as beneficial to your health.

Living kitchens with individual character.

Magnificent appearance. Monochrome look in black and white brings a modern calm to the room. There are no undesired distractions. The effortless elegance of this symphony is pure joy. Complemented by the precious Indian apple worktops, this is a strikingly beautiful balance of materials and equilibrium for the eye.

Cleaning & recycling. The same in green, please!

The versatile cleaning product pull-out is the moder hygiene centre for various cabinet types. Conveniently and quickly installed at the bottom of the cabinet, it has an elegant champagne look with pleasant soft opening and closing and neatly brings your cleaning products forth.

The cleaningAGENT compartments and baskets can be adapted to your sorting preferences with the use of flexible separators. Clever logistics! Everything in its place, and flexible and removable if needed.

Happily separated! Modern, green separation of recyclables is a matter of course in our kitchen. The classic standard is the built-in waste variant, particularly suitable for use in the sink cabinet. The easy-to-clean plastic containers with volumes ranging from 2.5 to 35 l make separation easy.

An intelligent and clean way to store organic waste is the optional and retrofittable inner pull-out with removable trays, installed as a slim inner pull-out over the waste bin.

In addition to the lockable plastic containers, a sweeping set can also be included in wide pull-outs – just in case something misses the target.

And what about the vacuum cleaner? A quickly solved problem for our specially equipped tall cabinet with house maintenance skills. Neatly stowed away and ready for use when needed. The vacuum cleaner is stowed away in the cabinet in a user-friendly manner, the hose is positioned in the guide, dustpans are suspended within easy reach, and the cleaning equipment is neatly arranged in height-adjustable baskets. With a logistically ingenious and modern design, all-metal hook rail, hose holder and champagne-coloured shelves provide a sense of well-being in the cabinet.

Luxury is a sensual feeling.

Quality is indulgence with all the senses. You recognise it when you see it. After seeing comes feeling and using. Purism is masterful simplicity. What appears so easy and simple needs a lot of care and attention during the production process.

The great attention to detail is evident in the impressive way that outstanding design meets technological innovation. Basalt-grey concrete fronts form part of a harmonious image that is dominated by the high-quality nature and vitality of the antique wild oak. The cool, stainless steel worktop serves as a modern twist and links the wood and concrete together.

The technical details are beautiful, practical and sensible. The ultra-modern, powerful
integrated appliances are flush-mounted, ensuring they appear unobtrusive and discreet in the overall kitchen concept. Sockets are practically invisible in the worktop, while the cooking top is completely flush with the worktop. Nothing takes away from the harmonious look of this kitchen.

Pull-outs. Modern havens.

What’s your preference?
Tinted glass sides or a mix with warm wood? You decide the function, appearance and size of the pull-outs, enabling you to put your own touch on your Sachsenküchen kitchen. Whatever you’re passionate about, both versions are really quite something and have a load capacity of up to 70 kg. Here, large stacks of plates find a tasteful, safe home, with kitchen utensils at home in the front row. The elegant wooden accessories are the icing on the cake for the drawer and pull-out. A modern frame design for a holistic, attractive look. And special widths are also possible!

No handles – a quick tap is all it takes. With this pull-out, you can make use of the full height and store your upright dry storage without any squashing or pressing. The smoked glass inserts offer a full view, like a quick search function, you could say.

The perfect service centre.
The same box system, but a different look. Behind doors with 155° hinges, the entire width of the cabinet can be put to good use for the inner pull-out. The modern stainless steel look for functional and spacious pull-outs is a stylish and eye-catching feature in the kitchen. Almost too good-looking to keep hidden behind closed doors.

There are lots of clever intricate details to discover. The box frame with its modern design matches the cool look and prevents items from falling out to the side. Dividing elements in stylish metal make a statement and allow individually arranged space for storage. There is lots good taste in the box.

Did you think it just belonged in the kitchen? A sophisticated and elegant pull-out such as this, with comfort closing, also fits perfectly into your living room design. Our full-extension pull-outs are also available for all cabinet widths.

And another of the many variants of our pull-outs. Optimal access for bottles, without any toppling over or clattering. And in the inner drawer above, there is also space for corkscrews and bottle openers. The optional plastic carrier opens both the inner drawer and the front pull-out at once in a single motion.