At the heart of the kitchen are inner values.

High-quality interiors are the marriage of individual comfort, perfect craftsmanship and delightful modernity. It is all based around the idea of space, accessibility and
order. Consequently, many of our cabinets are optionally fitted with electronic opening systems. Drawers open and close quietly and surely with the tap of a finger.

We fit base cabinets with high-quality LeMans swivel shelving – optionally with anti-slip matting and integrated LED cabinet interior lighting for the icing on the cake. Beautiful and well planned down to the finest detail.

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Food at the heart of things.

Food not only gives us nourishment; it also makes us happy. We get our daily energy from precious food building blocks that keep the human power plant running. Here as well, one of the key rules of life applies: quality counts. This principle is deeply entrenched in our kitchens. Good design with sustainable materials and optimal functionality are like a well-seasoned, balanced meal. Bon appétit!

Looking to the future!

Which do you think is more important: curiosity or experience? At Sachsenküchen, we think the answer is both. You can only become a driver of change by exploring new paths with conviction and not giving up on your core values.

What do we want to be proud of tomorrow? A breath of fresh air is always a good idea, but it’s important to examine the situation before making a decision. Naturally, we want to continue building your favourite kitchens, putting our very best into product development and innovation, delivering lasting quality, taking a green, responsible approach to our thoughts and actions, and remaining authentic, but what else?

Clever innovations need independent minds, above all else. What is really needed, what can be and what has to be: these are important questions that we need to put to ourselves and to you. Thrown into a much more private and more authentic way of living, we find that making the right purchases is a paradigm shift and a positive trend. The much-lauded German quality is enjoying a revival, with environmentally relevant and carefully sourced materials, rather than acquiring too much from too far afield. This is better than anticipated and also far more climate-friendly. All of a sudden, what once seemed impossible is now possible. This is actually a great message, with the realisation that there is also luxury in the little things that can have a big impact. Values that are in perfect harmony with our corporate culture, conviction and vision of the future.

Sachsenküchen. Good ideas for a shared future.

Our kitchen, your home. Home is what we make it!

From time to time, the world changes sustainable – just like now. This requires a different way of thinking and acting, but it also presents a wealth of wonderful opportunities and insights.

Our home has taken on a new, central importance. It is more than just a place with deep family ties. Since the beginning of time, it has been a safe haven, a place of
trust and normality. It is where we keep our greatest treasure: ourselves!

Spending time together, having fun with friends and embracing are precious gifts and are what defines us as people. Simple pleasures and comforts are making a comeback.

What could be better than sharing a home-made meal together in an individually and lovingly designed kitchen or enjoying a cosy evening in a welcoming living room?

At Sachsenküchen, this is not just a fad, but a deep human need which we translate into holistic feel-good living with passion and complete conviction – for kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms.

Lasting, sustainable quality, locally sourced materials, exceptional design and high-quality workmanship “Made in Germany” are the very basis of the identity and global responsibility of our company.

Sachsenküchen. Good ideas for a shared future.

The future is coming. With us by your side.

The most important things are often not the most obvious. Especially when it comes to the key triad of perfect planning…

Lights on!

Light is the number one mood maker. The right lighting concept uses skillful details and is a master of cosiness. The use of modern LED technology enables personalised light planning options. Getting the right balance of mood and work lighting adds to the makeup of your kitchen architecture in expressive, distinctive ways.

What’s important to us: Mission Human.

We have seen so many vital advances in the last few decades and how quickly our perspectives and priorities shift when the things we take for granted change overnight.
Clear needs are defined by inner reflections, taking time for ourselves and the people dearest to us. We like to take this personally and declare that our mission is to unite the head and the heart.

Along with all the technology, functionality and fantastic design ideas that make a modern kitchen a holistic experience for all of the senses, people are always at the heart of every idea. What do we really need, how much technology is required, how do we define our own individual sense of well-being? Asking and listening is the cornerstone of success. This understanding inspires and motivates us to explore new paths and do things in the right way.

At Sachsenküchen, we want to learn more about you so we can build kitchens that truly make you happy. With the great art of craftsmanship by the hands of our masters.

Ballast-free enjoyment.

Ideas for a different type of future are also a test bench for old habits. Those who want a future with a high quality of life need to reflect and take responsibility for their actions.

And this can be really fun! In this reality check, wood fares extremely well, coming from the world’s smartest factory – the forest. Certified, resource-efficient materials are durable, living and last for many generations. Good things need time to grow and, with expert workmanship, provide a beneficial and traditional balance to a life that is dominated by digitisation.