Zukunft Intro

Looking to the future!

Which do you think is more important: curiosity or experience? At Sachsenküchen, we think the answer is both. You can only become a driver of change by exploring new paths with conviction and not giving up on your core values.

What do we want to be proud of tomorrow? A breath of fresh air is always a good idea, but it’s important to examine the situation before making a decision. Naturally, we want to continue building your favourite kitchens, putting our very best into product development and innovation, delivering lasting quality, taking a green, responsible approach to our thoughts and actions, and remaining authentic, but what else?

Clever innovations need independent minds, above all else. What is really needed, what can be and what has to be: these are important questions that we need to put to ourselves and to you. Thrown into a much more private and more authentic way of living, we find that making the right purchases is a paradigm shift and a positive trend. The much-lauded German quality is enjoying a revival, with environmentally relevant and carefully sourced materials, rather than acquiring too much from too far afield. This is better than anticipated and also far more climate-friendly. All of a sudden, what once seemed impossible is now possible. This is actually a great message, with the realisation that there is also luxury in the little things that can have a big impact. Values that are in perfect harmony with our corporate culture, conviction and vision of the future.

Sachsenküchen. Good ideas for a shared future.

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