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Individual holistic solutions are based on numerous well-selected details, materials, surfaces and colours, which come together to produce a special feeling of well-being. Decors play a key role in harmonising spatial structures. This is why we also pay special attention to our veneer fronts. Surfaces are sand-blasted as part of a special process, giving them a deeply luxurious quality with a lush look and feel.


Structural change must be identified before it can be built. This calls for a keen eye for modern needs. Open floor plans, in which people can cook, live, sleep, work or play, satisfy the desire for increased personal interaction and generous living space planning.

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Using sophisticated technologies, such as low-noise extractor hoods, ample space for quiet havens and elegantly arranged storage space can be ensured despite the open room structures. The cabinets with their beautiful decor are not exclusively part of the kitchen, but also have to fit in well into the living area. This is a visible part of conceptual thinking and modern living. Warm textures and lighting harmonise the individual aspects of the personal space requirements.

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Modern lifestyle and individual complete solutions guarantee happy customers. To ensure that rooms work in a harmonious symbiosis, aesthetically and functionally, different areas need to be formed with a clear character and matching ideas. Whether it’s cooking, lifestyle or entertainment, every cabinet and every shelf is part of a perfect final product. Room dividers to ensure a harmonious appearance include charming lounge sofas and illuminated ladder shelves to showcase beautiful decorations, make space for works of literature or make flat screens appear almost like works of art. High-quality, innovative hinges, integrated practically invisibly in furniture, round off the holistic plan and show today the things that will be important tomorrow.

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