Luxury is a sensual feeling.

Quality is indulgence with all the senses. You recognise it when you see it. After seeing comes feeling and using. Purism is masterful simplicity. What appears so easy and simple needs a lot of care and attention during the production process.

The great attention to detail is evident in the impressive way that outstanding design meets technological innovation. Basalt-grey concrete fronts form part of a harmonious image that is dominated by the high-quality nature and vitality of the antique wild oak. The cool, stainless steel worktop serves as a modern twist and links the wood and concrete together.

The technical details are beautiful, practical and sensible. The ultra-modern, powerful
integrated appliances are flush-mounted, ensuring they appear unobtrusive and discreet in the overall kitchen concept. Sockets are practically invisible in the worktop, while the cooking top is completely flush with the worktop. Nothing takes away from the harmonious look of this kitchen.

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