Sachsenküchen at A30: Different is better…

Admittedly, this year’s motto is a bit provocative. But at the end of the day it’s all about “being good differently”. This applies not only to us as a manufacturer, but also to our customers in the specialist trade. We don’t want to reinvent the cupboard, but we can try to make it even better. We don’t want to change people, but we can try to make their living space even more optimal. Our striving for individuality is not an end in itself, but the desire for “meaningful difference”.

Would you also like to be “DIFFERENT”?

In 2016, our lifestyle concepts put customers, their wishes and needs, at the centre of our activities. The “custom-made kitchen 4.0” presented in 2018 is today the basis for individualised furnishing planning with a maximum of creative and planning freedom. At Living Kitchen in January 2019, we presented our “holistic living concepts” for the first time and received a very positive response both nationally and internationally. We owe this to a somewhat “different kind” of product presentation.

Our efforts to be “different” were again clearly expressed during the Kitchen Mile 2019. This time, however, it was a mix of successful themes relating to holistic living and our “made-to-measure kitchen 4.0” paired with a series of genuine innovations.
If you want to be innovative, you have to question what already exists. So we asked ourselves whether you always have to “see” furniture fittings? Our answer: No. The result is the first product family with hidden fittings. And what could be more logical than to integrate these innovative fittings into glass cabinets and vitrines, where they are hardly visible when open or closed? With these flap and door fittings, the mechanism is fully integrated into the cabinet side or floor. With a full range of functions, including damping of the fronts, a completely new symbiosis of carcase and fitting is created. “We present this new generation of fittings initially only behind glass, because it makes the most sense for us there. Large glass fronts are trendy, but the fittings behind them often disturb the flawless design. With our new narrow frames and the integrated fittings we solve this problem in a unique way.  In the field of hidden flap fittings, we are pioneers in the industry and look forward to the feedback from our customers,” says Managing Director Elko Beeg.

The range of fittings is rounded off with a new flush sliding door fitting as a two-lane system for base cabinets. This system not only fits perfectly into the living area, but is also ideal for room situations where hinged doors or pull-outs are rather unfavourable. Due to the Push to open system installed as standard, a handle is not absolutely necessary, giving even more design freedom.

With our new, individually designed pendant luminaire, we are presenting the next highlight of this year’s trade fair. What started as a study for Living Kitchen 2019 is now available. A luminaire which, like our kitchens, can be planned in more than 150 decors. The luminaire developed jointly by Sachsenküchen and HERA is available in four lengths from 120 cm to 240 cm. From 1 October, it will be marketed exclusively by Sachsenküchen. “Whether above a cooking island or above the dining table, our pendant luminaire is a real “eye-catcher”, says Elko Beeg.

Light as an emotional element is of course also available in the cabinet. Our recessed profile luminaires are now also available vertically integrated into the cabinet side. Particularly with the already introduced glass cabinets very beautiful light moods can be produced thereby. Similar effects can also be achieved with our new glass shelf lighting. As a clip on the glass bottom, it is quickly installed and also quite inexpensive.

There are already many shelving systems on the market, but we believe we have found enough reasons for another representative of this product group. A characteristic feature of our new shelving system is the plinth floor with the ladder system set up and the back niche panel. The system is very easy to plan and becomes a show object in every living room through the installation of our profile lights.

The series of new models is dominated above all by high-quality materials. With the ADINA model, the new collection will also include fronts made of polymer glass in a matt finish. In addition to two white shades and the cashmere colour, the titanium finish is a real highlight. All fronts of the model ADINA can be manufactured with the same colour edge or with an accentuated wooden edge as well as with a stainless steel edge. The popular Fenix supermatt fronts are available in white and cobalt grey. There is also a Fenix front with a genuine stainless steel coating. As with all other Fenix models, the new colours and decors are also available as a 40 mm worktop and a 12 mm compact worktop. In the lower price segment, three new wood decors, a stone decor and a black front with a new structure round off the model range.

The sandblasted oak was already an eye-catcher at the Living Kitchen. For our new modern country house front AMALIA we have chosen this design again, but as a frame front with integrated handle element. The result is a country house look with puristic charm and an interesting feel. As all fronts in Sachsenküchen are individually manufactured, various standard and special stain shades as well as matt or structured lacquer finishes are possible.

With 26 carcase decors, we already offer a wide range of interior and exterior decors with the same appearance. New this year are the carcase decors Sherman Oak anthracite and Evoke Sunset with characteristic black knots. In the uni range there will be a black body with a high-quality matt structure from January 2020. If you want even more quality, you can fall back on our “carcase made of wood-core plywood”. The three-layer panel used here with a solid wood middle layer ensures maximum stability and bending strength and makes it probably the most stable corpus in the industry. But our standard body has also been further improved, let us surprise you.

Last but not least, we will start marketing our bathroom furniture in October. Already at the Living Kitchen there was a first preview of the collection. “For one of our customers we have been working in the bathroom furniture sector for three years now. Now we also want to open this range to other interested trade partners and thus make the quality of a Sachsenküche also tangible in the bathroom,” says Elko Beeg. The first collection includes a console range as well as our own assortment of mirror cabinets with corresponding side furniture. In the case of washbasins, we are initially only offering top-mounted washbasins. From January, there will then be a small assortment of top basins made of solid surface material. These are exactly matched in colour to our model range.

For the start of the new furniture collection 2020, the entire exhibition was rebuilt in Löhne. The themes were presented in 10 berths on approx. 500 sqm. With the kitchen-living room the company Sachsenküchen showed itself from its noblest side. Black-brown oak wood with sandblasted surfaces as well as natural stone and glass already caused a sensation at the Living Kitchen. A high-quality symbiosis of cooking experience, lifestyle and entertainment where every cupboard and every shelf are part of a perfect staging of modern life. “We want to convey here a feeling for what holistic planning approaches can achieve,” says Elko Beeg. Of course, the lower price segments are not neglected either! Holistic living is not a question of the price group, but a question of planning. Here Sachsenküchen offers a number of interesting planning solutions, such as a kitchen that is completely free in the room, a country house kitchen with solitaire character and a variety of interesting detail solutions that are somewhat “different”.

In the area of our accessory program we challenge the smells & aerosol fats in the kitchen! Everyone knows it: the next morning you enter the kitchen and smell the food from the day before. Apart from the fact that the smells and fats get stuck in curtains, furniture and couch set etc.. With “OZONOS” we present the first air purifier that can also be used as a mobile unit if required. It takes advantage of natural ozone and ensures clean, fresh and healthy air. Sachsenküchen will also be offering the matching kitchen module, which can be ordered from the factory, so that the OZONOS Aircleaner can be easily integrated into planning or existing kitchens.
The OZONOS Aircleaner is TÜV certified and can be used by humans and animals without hesitation. OZONOS attracted a lot of attention last year due to its innovative technology. Therefore, we are looking forward to the cooperation and are convinced that we can offer our customers further added value.
Test it yourself and let the effect of OZONOS convince you.